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10 Top-Rated Restaurants in Tempe You Need to Try

Tempe is known for its delicious food scene, and there is no shortage of amazing options when it comes to dining out. Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or a casual meal with friends, these 10 restaurants are sure to satisfy you. From Thai cuisine to Italian favorites, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Best Restaurants in Tempe

Tempe is a great spot for those who want to experience all that Arizona has in store. From its student community at ASU, exciting LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and nearby Grand Canyon; there’s always something new when you visit here. The food scene at Tempe surprises many visitors with how good it can be – whether they’re looking forward to bridging their tastebuds delicacies from around the world. Here are some great restaurant recommendations that you should check out while visiting Tempe.

1. Culinary Dropout

A warm and inviting atmosphere is the first impression that you will get when walking into Culinary Dropout. The menu has many crowd favorites including pretzel bites, provolone fondue, 36-hour pork ribs as well signature fried chicken drizzled with honey which are all things to taste for sure. Wash it down before dinner time or after your meal with one of their ice-cold craft beers, they also offer cocktails made from scratch by experts in mixology at an affordable price. If live music isn’t enough then stay tuned because there are always some games to keep everyone entertained. 

Address: 149 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Culinary Dropout
Image Credit: Visit Phoenix

2. King's Fish House

King’s Fish House in Tempe is the perfect spot for a seafood dinner. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the food is delicious. This award-winning restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, from shrimp, crab cakes to salmon fillets. Plus, the extensive wine list is sure to please any palate. If you’re looking for a delicious seafood dinner option, King’s Fish House is well worth checking out.

Located in: Tempe Marketplace

Address: 35 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

3. Salut Kitchen Bar

Salut Kitchen Bar is a top-notch wine bar that has something for everyone. With over 100 varieties of wines, the list will not disappoint any palate and there are always new releases on tap as well! The decor is both rustic farmhouses meets the urbane urban atmosphere making it an exciting place to visit with friends or date night alone time. The food at this restaurant is as classy and modern-thinking as a Riot of Mediterranean flavors with an American edge. Brunch includes items like eggs benedict, quinoa pancakes topped off by mimosas or Bellinis. Dinner has tapas designed to be shared amongst friends. 

Located in: University Plaza

Address: 1435 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Salut Kitchen Bar
Image Credit: Pinterest

4. The Chuckbox

The Chuckbox burger joint, founded in 1972 and located at the corner spot on University Avenue between Forest Street has been an Arizona icon for over 40 years. Offering great American food with prices to match their amazing quality be ready to yell your order from behind line when you get there because this place always moves fast. These burgers are not your average fast-food fare. They’re sizzled over flames in an open kitchen, surrounded by a simple wooden dining area that has some old west charm to it.

Located in: Arizona State University

Address: 202 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

5. Haji-Baba

When you’re in the mood for some Middle Eastern cuisine, there’s no better place to go than this decades-old neighborhood gem. You’ll be able to enjoy casual intimacy with your loved ones as well as delicious food at lightning speed and prices that won’t break the bank. The Haji-Baba chicken shawarma is a meal wrapped in less than one minute and packed with tenderness, juiciness and surprising flavors. You can choose from either Arizona pecan or another flaky fragrant baklava for your taste buds adventure

Address: 1513 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281

6. Crepe Bar

You’ll never think about crepes or bacon the same way again after trying some of these dishes at Crepe Bar. The menu is full of playful items like coffee-infused batter, candied ham, and more. Local ingredients rule here too. The restaurant’s chef, Jeff Kraus prioritizes using locally sourced foodstuff like Noble Breads and ham from The Meat Shop. Crepes here have a little something for everyone, with heritage duck breast crepes and Jamaican jerk enticing those who enjoy spice. There’s also maple butter or vanilla bean custard as well. This restaurant offers more than just food- it adds some coffee drinks too like an Arizona pecan molasses latte that will make your taste buds sing.

Located in: Fiesta Plaza

Address: 7520 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

crepe bar
Image Credit: Arizona Coffee

7. Vincitorio’s Restaurant

Vincitorio’s Restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for some delicious Italian cuisine. The menu includes all your favorite dishes like mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, pasta alfredo, and bubbling cheese pizzas that will have even hesitant foodies scaling their walls with delight! The desserts are also delicious, with their excellent cannoli being one of the best things on any menu.

Located in: Royal Palm Plaza

Address: 1835 E Elliot Rd # C109, Tempe, AZ 85284

8. Old Town Taste

If you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable dining experience, then Old Town Taste is definitely worth checking out.The food at this strip mall Chinese restaurant offers a few regional flavors but it’s best known for its Sichuan dishes. The onslaught of delicately cooked meats, including twice-cooked pork and fish crisp fried in spicy peppercorns from Chongqing style, make them highly recommended by locals who love spice.

Address: 1845 East Broadway Road, Tempe

9. Spokes On Southern

Spokes On Southern is a laid-back, bike-themed spot for burgers and sandwiches. This Tempe bar and grill aims to provide its guests with scratch-made food using local ingredients. The draft selection features 24 varieties from around Arizona, as well as some of the most sought-after new beers coming into state! You can either park your bike inside or outside on Bicycle racks right in front.

Located in: Tempe City Center

Address: 1470 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282

Spokes On Southern

10. Word of Mouth Grill

Word of Mouth Grill is the place to go for great-tasting food with a comfortable design that’ll make you feel at home. Whether it’s in or take out, this restaurant has something perfect on its menu. Word of Mouth Grill has grown from a catering business to an established restaurant with delicious dishes, including those drumsticks pork belly, and chili. They have turkey, chicken, or beef cuts as well as gluten-free food if you’re looking for something different than what’s available on the menu.

Address: 7660 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284

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