BRIPHEN, LLC is dedicated to providing individualized and effective pest management services that are proven with only the highest quality products and applied by professionally licensed and trained specialists. These service plans are offered for both residential and commercial applications.

Initial Pest Service

Our Initial Pest Services include the most comprehensive and thorough treatments available. We start with an inspection of the property inside and out. Once we identify problem pests and harborage areas the treatment begins. In most cases the treatment includes granulation of all wet areas including grass and other vegetation maintained by drip irrigation. We then apply a protective border of liquid product around the base of any structures on the property concentrating on doorways and windows, garbage cans and anything else easily movable will be moved and treated underneath then put back where it was.   Then a fine dust is applied to block walls and any other areas of high activity. Upon the customer’s request an interior treatment will be performed which includes a baseboard application with extra consideration given to kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, we’ll finish up the service by removing all cobwebs.

Regular Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Quarterly Residential Service

16-Point Complete Home Protection:

Interior Protection:

Inspect interior of home for signs of any activity, cracks and crevices or areas of concern.

Apply a protective barrier with lasting residual to baseboards through the interior of the home.

Apply dust to plumbing entrances in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms when applicable.

Remove any present cobwebs within the home.

Exterior Protection:

Inspect exterior of home for signs of any activity, cracks and crevices or areas of concern.

Apply a protective barrier with lasting residual to the foundation of the home.

Apply dust to the perimeter wall when applicable.

Apply a protective barrier with lasting residual to the perimeter of the home when applicable.

Remove any present cobwebs around the exterior of the home.

Inspect and treat all water/ valve boxes.

Inspect and treat any present ant colonies.

Remove any present wasp nests.

Garage Protection:

Inspect the interior of the garage for signs of any activity, cracks and crevices or areas of concern.

Apply a protective barrier with lasting residual to the interior of the garage.

Remove any present cobwebs in the garage.

Place/ replace up to 6 glue boards in the garage to monitor activity.

Bee Services

Our bee service includes properly treating the hive along with any flying bees near the hive.  We will remove as much of the hive as possible without affecting the surrounding area. Finally we will leave a residual product to eliminate any returning bees.  Our bee services come with a 6 month guarantee. Prices vary due to the location and size of the hive.

Honeycomb Removal Service

Once the bee hive has been treated, we will inspect and determine if we will recommend a Honeycomb Removal where we will cut into the structure to removal all of the remaining honeycomb to prevent further infestation of bees and other insects looking to feast on the honey.

German Cockroach Treatment

Our complete German cockroach treatment includes three services, each at two weeks apart. The initial German cockroach treatment includes a thorough inspection along with treating the area with a flushing agent, and IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) to control the reproduction of the roaches, placing bait in high risk areas then properly treating all harborage areas within the home, along with a residual product. The second follow up treatment includes all of the above to ensure that we are managing the infestation. The final treatment includes the full treatment listed above along with a thorough inspection to ensure there is no remaining activity.

90 Day Warranty

Bed Bug Treatment

With our specialty Bed Bug Treatment, we will complete 3 services, each 2 weeks apart. The initial service will include treating the entire residence with the most advanced products available to stop any breeding and to flush them out into the pesticide. The 2 week follow up will entail the same process as the initial just to ensure the sterilization of the bed bugs along with eliminating any new activity. Our final service will include application of a preventative product along with a thorough inspection to ensure there is no remaining activity.

90 Day Warranty

 Rodent Monitoring

Our Rodent Monitoring program consists of a thorough inspection of the property to include eves, attics, crawl spaces and areas of concern up against and away from any structures. We will then design a monitoring program specific to your needs utilizing exclusions, bait stations, trapping and constant monitoring of any and all activity. Our program will be reassessed  on a quarterly basis.

Rodent Exclusion

If there is a concern of rodents entering the residence, we will recommend a Rodent Exclusion, where we will seal off any entrances that the rodents may be utilizing to enter the home.

Scorpion Black-Light Service

Our Scorpion Black-Light Service entails us spending an hour or more at your residence after dark, which when scorpions are more active.  This allows us to search your property with a black-light, causing scorpions to “glow” and allowing us to note areas of higher activity for future services while eliminating all live scorpions found on the property. We will also be applying a product with a flushing agent along with a long lasting residual.

Add On Services Available:

Termite Protection Plan

Rodent Protection Plan

Mosquito Protection Plan

Weed Control Plan

Pool Service

Pet Waste Removal